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Artemis E-Juice - Cyclops Vapor - E-Juice - E-Liquid Athena E-Juice - Cyclops Vapor - E-Juice - E-Liquid Colossus - Cyclops Vapor - E-Juice - E-Liquid
Artemis is a berry cobbler flavored ejuice with a delicate blend of subtle berry hints mingled with the baked crust. Intertwines the sweetness of a red apple with the tartness of a green apple. Colossus premium e-Liquid is a smooth and sweet vanilla custard.
Deja Vu Mint Chocolate Chip Gryphon - Cyclops Vapor - E-Juice - E-Liquid Hades - Cyclops Vapor - E-Juice - E-Liquid
Layered with notes of rich dark chocolate and sensational crisp mint , this mouth watering delicious treat reminds us of our favorite guilty pleasure. Award Winning Incredible Chocolate Mint Ice Cream. A sweet, creamy danish layered with the flavor of fresh blueberry. The mellowness of roasted java beans mingles with sweet mocha.
Minotaur - Cyclops Vapor - E-Juice - E-Liquid Phoenix - Cyclops Vapor - E-Juice - E-Liquid Poseidon by Cyclops Vapor - 60ml / 2oz
Smooth, creamy peanut butter cookie with notes of caramel drizzle. Inhale of natural strawberry just plucked from the spring field. Poseidon delivers a crisp, delicious flavor combination bringing together elements from some of the most succulent fruits and melons known to man. This complex fruit and melon medley transforms from inhale to exhale, embodying the crispness of the sea - a true representation of Poseidon's domain.

Although he was officially one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus, he spent most of his time in his watery domain. Poseidon was brother to Zeus and Hades. These three gods divided up creation. Zeus became ruler of the sky, Hades got dominion of the Underworld and Poseidon was given all water, both fresh and salt.

“Fear not the depths of my father’s domain. Icy cold waters, hiding death in deep fathoms, still offer safe passage by the liquid I have forged for his loyal servants. Yet still you fear Poseidon’s wrath; even at finger-length of the Nereides? You should not – instead fear the shallow hearts of men” – Cyclops.

**NOTE: This product is not sold with dropper top**

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